CABWIM Wildlife research and consultancy

CABWIM specialises in finding humane solutions to problems that wildlife can cause.


Consultancy and coaching to come up with animal-friendly solutions in the tension between stakeholders. Examples include relocating rook colonies or the dovecote project in Assen.



Innovation and development of new products, for example, the shock collar for sheep against a wolf attack developed together with scientists at the University of Ljubljana. The animation is developed together with House of  AnimalsICWildlife and Studio Bas de Ruiter. ontwikkeld.

Publications and lectures


Research and analysis, and publications of opinion articles, scientific articles and contributions to books. Examples are in J. of Wildlife Management or Animals. 

Supporting other authors who write about protecting life on earth.

Invited lectures to various audiences and guest lectures at universities and colleges to promote knowledge of animal behaviour, coexistence, and interest in and responsibility for nature around us.