About Diederik, about CABWIM

Diederik van Liere is a biologist, statistical analyst and strongly interested in ethics and technology. He obtained his PhD in behavioural biology focused on animal welfare. He saw that population biologists were hardly interested in the question of how differences between animals within a species come about. Knowledge about this is very important to understand animal choices and possible problems resulting from those choices. Especially in the case of animals living in the wild. However much such approach is needed, universities were not interested in pooling expertise in this applied field. That is why he started CABWIM for himself in 2001. A consultancy and research bureau. His motivation is to find non-lethal solutions by adjusting the choices of animals that cause problems. Examples include colonies of rooks that choose to nest near houses (assignments in the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland), geese eating farm vegetation or crossing an airport runway, birds of prey killing chickens, seagulls causing nuisance on boulevards or platforms at sea. Also, large predators can kill livestock and cause severe problems. We need to solve these humanely.

Diederik is also founder of the Institute for Coexistence with Wildlife. This institute provides (international) teams of experts in the fields of technology, animal behaviour, biology and robotics for various projects, aimed at innovation, inspiring cooperation and development of new non-lethal methods to protect wild animals and promote coexistence.

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